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Best on Product Management in 2016

What happened with product management in 2016? A lot! Bellow you'll find a very arbitrary list of bestproduct-related content in 2016.

"Buy, partner, build" - an order matters

Have you ever got into a "build trap"? I certainly have. "Build trap" is the answer "let's build it" to any question asked. It's so easy, isn't it? After all, we are in product development so why can't we build stuff all the time?

"Painkiller" vs. "Vitamin" products

All products could be divided in ... numerous categories. One of the most useful splits is the "painkillers" and "vitamins."

"Don't make me think" is not always a good user experience design

Simplicity was the mantra most UX designers followed in the last 10 years. "Don't make me think," the iconic book by Steve Krug, popularized the concept of simplicity in digital product design. This concept helped a lot. To make computer interfaces actually usable for the broad audience. It's so easy today to order a cab, buy tickets online, find an answer to any question, connect with people around the globe, spend money... Is there a limit to simplicity or we should carry on simplifying any product?