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Product management mastery books - first 5

Last time I  mentioned five books that helped me to get into product management, better understand the role and challenges PMs face. This time around, let's look at product management books that will help an experienced PM to further improve.

5 books to get into product management

Some time ago, an aspiring product manager asked me what books she should read. I gave a couple of recommendations for books that helped me massively to get into product management craft. I've read dozens of PM-related books, but the following five are probably the most essential read list for anyone who would like to get into product management or just understand what PMs do.

I am forced to use your product and I hate it!

Have you ever heard that? Yeap, that happens. Maybe even with your product. It often happens with B2B products. It certainly happens with products where buyers and users are two separate parties. As a product manager, what can you do about such unfortunate cases?