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7 steps of Product Discovery

Before building a product - how do you know what product to build? While building a product - how do you know what features are the most valuable? After you've built a product - how do you know if to tune stuff or add a new one?
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Unpredictability is Product Management

Behold the mighty Random

Do you think all your achievements are the result of your conscious efforts?
If your answer is a confident yes - I congratulate you, you're godlike.

For those of us who allow a reasonable doubt...

Get Inspired!

- Don't tell me how to do my job!
You had this thought reading professional books and blogs. Maybe even that one. Certainly that one!
That's OK. Nobody likes to get told how to do their job.

Advice to younger PM self

I was lucky in my early career. Or so I thought. I got a job in an established, serious, mid-large, international company. First couple years were great. As a young professional you learn a lot. Not only in your field but in general. How the business works, how to communicate effectively, how to be a part of a team.

Jon Snow would make a good product manager

"You know nothing" is the most helpful product mantra told to yourself. It usually leads to research, invention and useful product.