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First things to fix on a Customer Journey

Customer experience is the cornerstone of your product success. Customer Journey Map could help you to measure customer experience. Which parts of a customer journey are the most important? Where should you pay the most attention?
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The script for a Customer Journey interview

The Customer Journey Study is a straightforward one. You ask your customers to go through your product and rate their satisfaction with every step. If you need a more detailed script - here it is.

Free Customer Journey Map Template

Improving your customer's experience becomes easier when you have the right tools. One of the most useful tools to measure customer experience is the Customer Journey Map. It's a free and easy-to-use tool that would help you to know where you are when it comes to customer experience. Knowing your baseline is a pre-requisite to any improvement. To get you started even faster here is the free and simple template to use:

How your product is perceived or why kids should thank virtual assistants

Throughout the human history, information was the critical tool. Knowledge was equal to respect and influence. Access to information was pivotal to success. Knowledge was hard to obtain and therefore was regarded as the highest value. Then came the Internet.

Unblocking the work of others - a way to prioritise PM tasks

Product Management is known for being a widely diverse role. If you'd ask Google for what PMs do - you'd find all sort of activities.

Unpredictability is Product Management