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"Jobs-to-be-done" to make your users badass

Remember Kathy Sierra's concept of a "badass users"? A user doesn't care about your product, user cares about his context. He doesn't want to be better at using your product. He wants to be better at what he's doing. A user of a digital camera doesn't want to be the best at using this particular camera. He wants to make stunning pictures.
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What's your Genba?

In the last article, I mentioned Toyota's production principal Genchi Genbutsu. It's connected to another of their core principals called Genba.

Genchi Genbutsu - go and see for yourself as a PM

I continue to digest the insights from the amazing book about Toyota production process. Another concept that could help to make product decisions called Genchi Genbutsu.

Product discovery: generic vs specific

I was working on a product vision lately. I was struggling with it and I couldn’t understand why. Problem areas seemed to be obvious, product category and competitors were identifiable so as perfect customers. And yet the overall vision appeared blurry, too generic and well, quite dull.

Becoming agile as Shu Ha Ri process

What does an ancient Japanese philosophy have to do with Agile product development process? Why does one of the most successful car manufacturers in the world use it? What's wrong with most Agile "transformations"?

Netflix PMs must have hit all their objectives

This is a purely theoretical article, I am in no way connected to Netflix, except being their customer. 

You never know how the world around will affect your product. Usually, we talk about the negative impact. Stock markets falling, new legislations, shifts in customers behaviour, fashion and so on. Sometimes though an external event might have a positive effect on our business. Take the latest situation where millions of people staying home (and rightly so). Streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime must have their numbers jump through the roof.