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"Jobs-to-be-done" to make your users badass

Remember Kathy Sierra's concept of a "badass users"? A user doesn't care about your product, user cares about his context. He doesn't want to be better at using your product. He wants to be better at what he's doing. A user of a digital camera doesn't want to be the best at using this particular camera. He wants to make stunning pictures.
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Product management is not a young discipline

There's a myth in product management that states it's a young, not established discipline. Usually, this argument is being employed to justify someone's shitty PM practises.

Why developers are better than PMs

Devs vs PMs. PMs vs Marketing. Marketing vs Sales. Fight!

We have no clue what to teach

When a teacher gets slightly tipsy on Prosecco, you might hear those words. “We have no clue what to teach”. Education is a vital area of human existence. That’s how we succeeded as species - by passing knowledge from one another. And doing it faster than any individual can learn on their own. We’ve built amazing tools to educate, such as language, books, the internet. We’ve built specialised institutions for education. They served us so well, but perhaps it’s time to reconsider.

First step onto the stage

I am gonna tell you a secret. I don't like to do customer interviews. Yes, I know. After some many articles when I say it's the most important part of PMs job - I personally don't like to do them. Until I am actually doing them.

Why all products are similar?

Have you ever wonder why most of the products look quite similar? All mobile phones are just plastic/glass/metal rectangles with a screen on top. All keyboards, however shiny, are qwerty-based. Or even Windows and macOS, despite cosmetic differences, are similar in core design principals. How come everything is so similar?