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Product ops

  Managing products is not easy. Especially in a growing company. When you need to deliver value to your customers, plan strategically, onboard new colleagues, and do customer research - it could be overwhelming and often could lead to chaos. Hence the role of product ops emerged to take on those challenges and empower product teams.
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3 main responsibilities of a manager

  How often do you hear from your colleagues, or even say it yourself, I don't know what my manager is doing? Or maybe you're a fresh manager yourself and you also don't know what your main responsibilities are. All answers you're looking for are below.

Product leaders - stop doing!

  And start leading. This article is for product leaders who are not individual contributors. In other words, this is for people who manage other people. Please, dear managers, stop doing things yourself - it is not helpful.

Product management as an evolutionary process

  There is a proven way to create successful tech products. Have a deep understanding of your customers and their problems. Find innovative solutions that you can quickly validate. Continue to iterate on the solution until you find the best product-market fit. Grow your business and delight your customers. However, that's not the only way to be successful, you can try something different. You can learn from Evolution.

Why do you need a PM in your Data team?

  Most modern businesses already realised how important data is for their success. Data science is one of the hottest roles in today's job market. Product managers work with data teams daily, however, should a data team itself have a product manager?

What's wrong with product operations manager job postings?

  Recently, I did dozens of searches for product operations manager jobs and the results both surprised and disappointed me. The situation reminded me of the early days of product manager openings here in Europe when most people had no clue whom they were looking for and why.

Why coaching is NOT a product ops responsibility?

  Product operations deal with processes, tools and data. They aim to empower product teams and make them more efficient. Product ops could train and coach product teams in using processes, tools and data, however, the core coaching is not their responsibility.

Product ops as a service principles

  Product ops as a service empower startups, scaleups and enterprises with the right people, processes and data to supercharge their product efforts and business impact. The terms of engagement for product ops as a service should be clear and transparent. Here they are.