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First things to fix on a Customer Journey

Customer experience is the cornerstone of your product success. Customer Journey Map could help you to measure customer experience. Which parts of a customer journey are the most important? Where should you pay the most attention?
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2018: beyond business results

Are we aware of the impact our work has on our community, on our society? Do we assume any responsibility or just focused on our business goals?

Taste - the most mysterious ingredient of product success

What differentiates good products from great products? Why we often choose a certain product from many similar alternatives?

Powerful technology wasted with a wrong implementation

Travelling as a product manager is always fun. You are trying so many products that any trip becomes a market research exercise. Especially useful is to travel to different continents to see and try local products. That what happened to me when I landed in Tokyo.

Mind the Product's 2018 keyword was: Values

Values-driven, data-informed. That seemed to be the trend in this year's Mind the Product conference. More than 1700 product professionals gathered in London this year for what currently is the biggest product conference in the world.

PMs, be proud about stuff you haven't built

Lately, going through fellow PMs profiles, I noticed that we almost exclusively talk about stuff we've built and practically never about things that we avoided building.