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First things to fix on a Customer Journey

Customer experience is the cornerstone of your product success. Customer Journey Map could help you to measure customer experience. Which parts of a customer journey are the most important? Where should you pay the most attention?
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The lonely product manager

Product management often feels like a lonely profession. It might be counter-intuitive for non-product-managers.
- You work with some many people across most of the business, - they might say.
That's true, you work with many people but belong to few. Or none.

If you try things and they work - it's agile

Moreover, if things didn't work but you try something else - it's also agile. In general, it's quite hard to not be agile if you try things and see if they work. Continuously.

Product strategy as a set of experiments

Product strategy is a key topic in product management. It's the vital activity of product leadership. A good product strategy can galvanize people around to deliver a top product. A bad product strategy, or absence of one, can ruin a potentially brilliant business.

You become what you measure

I've been watching this talk where Luke made a lot of great points on user experience, product management and business. One remark particularly resonated with me.

Context switching - undercover productivity killer

What hurts your productivity the most? Below I'd argue it's context switching.

PMs are asked to do a lot of different things. Interview customers, write reports, discuss with developers, analyse competitors, present to stakeholders and many others. Often, we asked to do many of those things at the same time. Sometimes we try. And we fail.