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First things to fix on a Customer Journey

Customer experience is the cornerstone of your product success. Customer Journey Map could help you to measure customer experience. Which parts of a customer journey are the most important? Where should you pay the most attention?
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Diversity is the key to your product team's success

Product development is a team's sport. So as product management. Rarely something remarkable is achieved by a single individual. And even when that happens - a lone genius still needs help to grow, support and improve their product.

Product management teams come in many shapes and sizes. Yet there is one key characteristic that differentiates good and great product teams. This key is diversity.

What to do when your product team is not up to the task?

Sometimes you find yourself in a leadership product role with the task to radically improve your product. But what if you discover that your product team is not up to the task?

Optimisation vs Discovery

Reading Marty Cagan's article on PM problem areas, one particularly caught my attention - optimization versus innovation. Numerous product managers face this problem. Sometimes the choice is clear (a startup building their first product), some other times it's a struggle (a mature company with multiple products).

2018: beyond business results

Are we aware of the impact our work has on our community, on our society? Do we assume any responsibility or just focused on our business goals?

Taste - the most mysterious ingredient of product success

What differentiates good products from great products? Why we often choose a certain product from many similar alternatives?