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Trust - the currency of leadership

  Here's a lesson I learned relatively late in my career - when it comes to leadership there is only one thing that truly matters - do you have the trust?
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Your job title matters

  Earlier I wrote a post about how your job title doesn't matter for doing good product work. However, your job title does matter in different contexts - influence and responsibility.

Your job title doesn't matter

  It doesn't matter if your job is product owner, or product manager, or product leader. Whether it's a business analyst, designer, or engineer. If you care about solving problems for your customers - you are a product person.

You run out of time or money - the reason your product failed

  This is a trivial reason for product failure, but also very common. You have finite resources to achieve product success. If you run out of them before you reach product success - you might not have a second chance.

Insufficient marketing - the reason your product failed

  All of the things contribute to product success. And every thing, however small, could be the reason the product failed.

Wrong solution - the reason your product failed

  We already reviewed some of the most common reasons products fail - there is either no problem worth solving or, often and, when an organisation is not focused enough to solve the problem the right way.

Lack of problem worth solving - the reason your product failed

  Some products are great. Beautifully looking, technically superb, with great marketing. Only one problem - no one is using them. Why? There's no problem worth solving with those products.

Lack of focus - the reason your product failed

  Products fail for many reasons . Often, products fail because we are trying to do too much. The ability to focus, and to decide what you are NOT going to do is vital to have a chance of success.