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Product ops

  Managing products is not easy. Especially in a growing company. When you need to deliver value to your customers, plan strategically, onboard new colleagues, and do customer research - it could be overwhelming and often could lead to chaos. Hence the role of product ops emerged to take on those challenges and empower product teams.
Recent posts

Everyone can do product

  Or so they think. And the main reason people think this way is the hindsight bias.

Trust - the currency of leadership

  Here's a lesson I learned relatively late in my career - when it comes to leadership there is only one thing that truly matters - do you have the trust?

Why founders can't be PMs

  They can, and many of them are doing product management, especially in the early days of their startups. It makes sense, business founders are working very closely with their customers, really know their problems and can PM the right solution to get an initial product-market fit.

MVP, the misunderstood and misused

  The term MVP became as ambiguous as agile or startup. Everyone seems to be building MVPs even though in many cases (most?) it's not an MVP they are building, but the first version of their product, missing the biggest value a good MVP could deliver.

PMs, do we need to look for another job?

  This year has been quite interesting for PMs. Tech layoffs continued and the job market was, is, tough. Moreover, some prominent companies questioned whether PMs are needed at all. Is that the end for product managers and we all should look for another job?

Ever lost your product-market fit?

  Product-market fit is not something you get once and maintain forever. You can lose it, regain it and lose again. As a PM, you need to have a good understanding of where you are with product-market fit and have signals set up to inform you of a possible change.

Product Marketing

  To make a successful product you not only need to build it, but also position it rightly on the market and convince your customers to try it. Luckily people exist who can help you do that - product marketers.