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Product ops

  Managing products is not easy. Especially in a growing company. When you need to deliver value to your customers, plan strategically, onboard new colleagues, and do customer research - it could be overwhelming and often could lead to chaos. Hence the role of product ops emerged to take on those challenges and empower product teams.
Recent posts

Product decisions as doors

  One of the main responsibilities of a product manager is to make decisions. Some decisions will define their product success, but not all. What are different types of decisions and how should you approach them?

You can't predict, you can't prepare in product management

  Some have described product management as a process of de-risking investments. In a way, they are correct, a good product manager will make the chances of product failure lower and chances of success higher. However, just as in financial market investing, no one, not even the best product manager out there, can eliminate all risks.

Early days of product ops

  As I just finished my first year in a product ops role, I thought to share some reflections on this experience for anyone considering a product ops career going forward.

Do you have an inspiration buddy?

  Some of the best product ideas I had as a novice PM were born while playing FIFA with my boss. Yes, you heard it right, collaboration might take very different forms and still lead to significant outcomes.

Is ChatGPT a better product manager than you?

  The last topic I want to cover in this long series is the big one - will AI take product managers' jobs?

We gotta fall in love with the questions

  It was a lot of fun creating this series about becoming a PM with the help of generative AI . I got to learn a lot about how those systems work today and what we can expect from them in the future.

Land product management job with a little help from AI

  As I mentioned in the very first post in this series - the best learning is doing. No courses, videos or even books can rival actual practice. To start learning product management by doing you need to land your first PM job.