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3 additional ways to find customers for an interview

If "95 ways..." was not enough, here are few more ways for you to get customers for a product interview.

95 Ways to find people for your market research

"I have this great idea I just don't know how to validate it, how and where to find my target customers?" Sounds familiar? Or another one: "We finally finished the MVP. Hooray! Now... how do we find our first customers?"

On this blog you'll find a lot about how to make your customer research. Natural continuation of this topic is to write about how to get customers\users  to make a research.

Luckily, Jason Evanish did exactly that. His article "95 Ways to find your first customers for customer development or your first sale" is the best and the most complete overview of the methods to reach your target audience for research, marketing or sale purposes.

Digging into Kano model: conducting study and analyzing results

Kano study could be a highly needed touch point with your customer. During the study, you can ask critical questions and get to the essence of your customer's needs, perceptions, and motivations. Asking "why?" is a superpower.
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Product features prioritization is easy with KANO model

How do you know which product features your customers really want? Which features they cannot live without? Which features they would like? Which features will delight them? To find that out - try the "Kano model" analysis.
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"Kano model" is a product development and customer satisfaction theory. It was developed in the 80s by that man, Noriaki Kano,  educator, lecturer, writer and consultant in the field of quality management.