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Quantitative research: Multivariate test

A multivariate test is a logical continuation of an A\B test topic. Instead of comparing only two variants (A\B test) you can compare more than two - multivariate test (MVT).

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Quantitative research: A\B tests

CareLogger increased its conversion rate by 34% simply by changing the color of the sign-up button from green to red. Wow, right? Such gems of data could be obtained using quantitative research method called A\B testing. It's designed to learn which of two variants works best. With A\B tests you can compare conversion elements on a website, call2actions, design elements, marketing messages and so on. A\B tests, also called split tests, could be characterized as follows:

Qualitative research: Focus Group

Focus group is another kind of qualitative user research. It allows you to get a feedback from a group of individuals. Moderated focus groups are the most common. Participants need to be recruited upfront and they need to represent your desired market segment. You need an experienced facilitator to run a focus group. Best practice is to record focus group on camera for future analysis.