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Best on Product Management in 2016

What happened with product management in 2016? A lot! Bellow you'll find a very arbitrary list of best product-related content in 2016.

Product management stories in 2016

Behind Every Great Product by Marty Cagan
Inspiring stories of what product management is all about - bringing value to customers and company. Remember you're responsible for bringing the value not story points.

The Five Belts Of The Product Owner by Chris Lukassen
Product owners come in different "shapes." Identify your "belt" and what in-front of you to succeed.

What is Good Product Strategy? by Melissa Perri
Every product needs a vision. As a PM you need a vision even if nobody else bothered.

Rethinking Product Management: How to Get from Start-up to Scale-up by Lex Sisney
The comprehensive guide to the types of product managers. Use it to identify your strengths and build on them. (it was actually posted in 2015 but if you missed it - it's a must read)

Your product is already obsolete by Des Traynor
True agility is about survival. Keep on moving and re-inventing yourself or...

Don’t Ship the Org Chart by Ken Norton
Your product is a reflection of your organization structure. Keep on improving your PM processes.

The DIY Illusion by Rich Mironov
You will always have more ideas than resources to realize them. Remember that DYI costs a lot.

Do You Have A Problem Worth Solving? by Shardul Mehta
There is nothing worse than an engineered product nobody uses. Before you build stuff, make sure a problem exists.

Scaling The Product Owner Role by Roman Pichler
For complex and big products one PO/PM might not be enough. Scale your product function the right way.

Die Dashboards, Die! Why Conversations Will Reinvent Software by Nir Eyal
Your customers don't need graphs, they need insights. Think if conversational UI could help your customers better complete their goals.

Product quotes in 2016

"What happened was that many people would go to a short and simple CSPO training, and come out of that understandably considering themselves product owners. Nothing wrong with that if they just realized that this prepared them only for the Agile rituals the product owner has to perform, but for many, that’s not what happened. For many product owners, they actually thought this meant they were trained as product managers." - Marty Cagan
"AI would not paint as Picasso, but neither have you. It just needs to be better than an average." - Des Traynor
"Product managers, please make yourself uncomfortable." - Ken Norton 
“Innovation is not just about sweeping changes. People value small updates and fixes and that they were involved in that journey. You build goodwill because you’re taking action. In today’s world helping is the new selling, and customer experience is the new marketing.” - David Cancel

Video content 

Top 10 Product Talks of 2016 by Mind the Product
If you're into video content, check this list full of PM wisdom from the biggest community of product managers on the planet.

Fast Company channel on YouTube by Fast Company
Advert-size bites of video on building a company, on products and on social media. Good humor on the way.

Audio content

Product management knowledge comes in all possible shapes, including audio. Here is a list of Product Management Podcasts for you to benefit from while on the go. 

Even more Product Management in 2017

2016 was a fruitful year for Product Managers. More and more companies realize the critical role product management plays for the success of their enterprises. Product management community continues growing with more ambitious professionals seeking to improve their product skills. 2017, hopefully, would bring even more success cases, new best practices, and productive networking to our friendly community. 

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