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Product management tool choice guide


Over the last few months, I got to try and review many product management tools. Some of those tools I used extensively before or actively using now. The right tool can supercharge your PM team performance and make the whole process of creating products so much easier. In this post, I'd like to offer my help in selecting the most-suited tool for your team. 

How to select the right tool for your team?

Selecting the right tool for powering PM operations is tricky. Yes, you can start a bunch of trials or book demos but that will only give you a slight impression of what the tool can do for your team. To see the full power of a PM tool you need to invest quite a lot of effort and time. Both are in short supply for most product teams out there so the selection process usually is chaotic and people often end up with tools that are not the best fit for their needs. Experienced product ops will help you save time and money in choosing the best-suited tool for your team. 

What do you need to consider choosing the PM tool? 

So many things you need to take into account when selecting a PM tool. The most important aspects are: 
  • The size of your team now and its projected growth
  • Your PMs seniority and previous experience
  • The stage of your company/product (startups need different tools than large corporations) 
  • Other tools you use (the right PM tool will need to work nicely with what your engineers and designers use)
  • Your budget and the level of support you would need from the vendor 

Step 1 - a simple, free guide to choosing the PM tool

To get you started on the path to selecting the right PM tool, we've created this simple, free guide. By answering exactly 3 questions you'll have some suggestions for the product management tools that might be helpful for your team. 

Step 2 - talk to us

Selecting the right tools for your team is time-consuming and error-prone. I've witnessed on many occasions when the wrong tools ruined productivity and team morale while depleting budgets. Don't make the mistake of selecting carelessly, use any resources available to find the tools best suited to your needs. Here at, we're happy to offer help and advice on selecting the right product management tool for your team. Simply send us an email describing your team and we'll be glad to offer our expertise and experience in selecting the right tools for your success. This is obviously free and without any commitments. 

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